Testimony of Drew Ullman, former campaign manager and political consultant

Dec. 4, 2018

I can speak from direct professional experience that the graph Mr. Clark showed you is not only factually incorrect regarding Denver, but entirely and I hope not intentionally misleading.

I commend you for listening to grassroots groups including but certainly not limited to YWC.

It’s important that limits not be so high that they are counterproductive or so low that they encourage funneling it to IE/dark money. And given your robust dark money transparency requirements, you can err on the side of lower for the limit.

Two alternative standards:

1) Use federal standards for limits since Columbus is roughly the size of a congressional district.

2) If you insist on using state standards, then make it proportional to Columbus’ population of Ohio. Columbus is roughly 8% of Ohio’s population, so 8% of $12,709 is roughly $1,000, which seems appropriate.