We need reasonable limits.

Mayor Ginther’s proposal to allow the wealthy elite to donate up to $12,707.79 to Columbus politicians isn’t “reform”. It’s an attempt to trick voters into thinking he’s doing us a favor, while continuing to cozy up to big money donors.

But here’s the thing: Ginther’s proposal can’t pass unless City Council enacts it. Will you stand with me in demanding Council reject Ginther’s proposal and lower the contribution limit to something working families can afford? Most of us can’t afford to give Ginther or City Council $12,707.79 to make sure they’re representing our best interests. Neither can our friends or neighbors, and neither can the vast majority of Columbus voters. Here’s how a $12,707.79 limit compares with limits in the largest cities in the country:

Take Action

Want to know what you can do to make strong campaign finance reform a reality in our city?

Mayor Ginther has proposed a donation limit of almost $13,000 for political campaigns in Columbus—that’s more than $51,000 per election cycle. That’s way more than any one person should be able to donate to a local campaign. We don’t want the richest few dozen people in our city to be able to buy our political representatives. If you agree, please sign and share this petition, and ask Council President Hardin to please insist on reasonable limits for campaign donations.

Sign the petition.

We’re collecting information about what people in Columbus really want to see from campaign finance reform in our city. Please, take this 3 minute survey, and let us know what you think.

Take the survey.

On November 30, Will Petrik posted this open letter to Council President Shannon Hardin. You can encourage him to respond by sharing it on social media here.

On Thursday, January 3rd, City Council is holding a public hearing on a set of campaign finance regulations that are deliberately designed to prevent meaningful reform. If you want them to understand that the people of Columbus want real action, please join us for the City Council hearing at 5:30 pm at Columbus City Hall.