Meet Bobby


As a resident of Columbus my entire life and a graduate of The Ohio State University, I love this city through and through. This city provides me with everything I could need, and I've had the privilege of watching it blossom into a leading metropolis in the Midwest. I am a 7-9th grade teacher at Bridgeway Academy in Old North Columbus. 

I am running because I want to educate and create change alongside fellow residents. My first goal is to create an incentive program to recycling companies in the city to provide service to businesses of 5 or more staff members. Secondly, I would like to create edible corridors throughout the city.

Lastly, I am vice president of Clintonville Energy Collaborative, a group dedicated to putting renewable energy on every street in Clintonville, and I also run two community gardens, one at my school and the other off Taylor Avenue on the East Side.