Meet Colleen


As a lifelong progressive, I am thrilled to be running for the Central Committee as a means to promote civic engagement and community in my neighborhood on the South Side.  Columbus political leadership needs to hear directly about the needs and the strengths of the South Side, and we need to support leaders who are accountable to their neighbors before anyone else.

I haven’t lived on the South Side all my life, but I moved here intentionally, after participating in an Earth Day litter clean up with friends. The sense of community I felt there convinced me to move, and eventually to buy property here on Wilson Avenue.  My husband and I even got married in a pocket park on Siebert Street in August, 2014.

A social worker by day, I have worked primarily in the fields of addiction and mental health counseling, as well as some statewide policy advocacy.  I believe that connection is a key to individual and community wellness, and that we will not be able to effectively address our community’s struggles with violence, poverty, and opiates and other drugs unless we work on building connections to each other.

I am also a small business owner, opening Community Grounds Coffee & Meeting House on Parsons Avenue, Spring 2016. There, I am excited to host community gatherings, and provide a third place, along with work and home, to build connections. 

I hope to have your vote for Central Committee member on March 15th, but even if I don’t, let’s have a conversation about community. This is only the beginning!