Meet Josh


As a lifelong resident of Franklin County, I love Columbus’ progressive attitude and the independent spirit of our citizens. However, Franklin County has many stark problems:

  • Our education system isn’t giving equal and strong opportunity to our kids.
  • Many neighborhoods are not receiving adequate support from our leadership, while others continue to subsidize developers on the backs of working people.
  • Many of our citizens can’t find a job that pays enough to raise a family or even survive.
  • Columbus is one of the most racially segregated cities in the nation.

I’m running to help promote candidates that care about supporting all of Columbus, not just its elites. I’m running because I want a Columbus that has a living wage, a Columbus with great schools, a Columbus with strong public transportation, and a Columbus that all people can flourish.

For the past decade I’ve worked in policy at the Statehouse. Currently, I started my own business where I’m advocating for a more sustainable Ohio. In the past I’ve been a legislative aide where I worked to help Ohioans navigate state government and advocated for a more fair tax code.