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The Problem
Columbus is a tale of two cities. One Columbus thrives with access to good jobs and opportunities. The other Columbus has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country, while 1 out of 5 children are food insecure.

Columbus is the only city among the top 25 without district representation. That means each City Council member represents the entire city of Columbus - over 200 neighborhoods and nearly 850,000 residents. The system isn’t set up to represent neighborhoods, and everyday people and communities aren't being heard. City Hall is responsive to big donors and downtown developers, but what about the rest of us?

The Solution
A modern City Council system with 10 district and 3 at-large council members will give all our neighborhoods a stronger voice at City Hall. We need to come together to transform our political system to make sure our council members focus on families and neighborhoods rather than lobbyists and wealthy donors.

The Impact

  • More accountability: District council members will be more accountable for results in the neighborhoods they serve.
  • Better public services: Neighborhood services will be stronger and more responsive.
  • Increased access to services: You, as a resident of Columbus, will be able to call an office responsible for your neighborhood and responsive to your concerns – whether it’s a broken streetlight, a dangerous pothole, a barrage of burglaries, or neighborhood violence.
  • A stronger voice for neighborhoods: Neighborhood Area Commissions, civic associations and other neighborhood groups will be in a stronger position lift up the needs of their community and hold their representative accountable.
  • Increased diversity: More communities will be at the table and directly represented. More creative ideas will emerge through a diverse group of new leaders.
  • Increased participation: Voting by geographic locale lowers the barrier to run for office and encourages more people to launch campaigns.

We need your help to build support for transforming City Hall. 

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