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Hi! My name is Mark Allison, I am a neighbor and a lifelong Democrat raising a teenage son in North Linden. I am running to represent our neighborhood (Ward 24) on the Democratic Party Central Committee.

Few voters have even heard of the Central Committee, which works behind the scenes to decide the direction of our party. Here are some things a Ward representative should do:
  - Should fight for the interests of our neighborhoods.
  - Should keep voters informed of important issues that affect us all.
  - Should be responsive to Democratic voters' opinions on local issues.
  - Should inform voters of candidate forums where they can meet and question candidates for local offices.
  - Should remind Democrats to turn out and vote in every election.
Unfortunately many Ward positions are unfilled while others are filled by insiders loyal only to party leaders. In over thirty years, I have never once been contacted by my Ward representative. Chances are you haven't either. And that's the problem: the Central Committee is not representing us. This is why I am running, to serve as your connection to the Franklin County Democratic Party and our city and county governments.
I am also part of a group called Yes We Can Columbus, a coalition of citizens running for Ward positions all over Franklin County. We are ordinary people tired of watching the party make decisions that only benefit insider politicians and big money donors. We support the Fight For $15 campaign for a living wage. We advocate for expanded and improved public transportation. We want to improve our school system and encourage more affordable child care. We support community gardens and other projects that strengthen our neighborhoods.
If elected I promise to be a strong voice for our neighborhood, and will keep my Ward informed about the important issues facing our community. I will also join with like-minded progressives so together we can build the change we want to see. Please consider voting for Mark Allison for Democratic Party Central Committee on Tuesday March 15th.

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