November 7, 2017

We Care About Columbus.

Yes We Can Columbus is a group of activists, educators, working families, and proud Columbus residents. We are united around a shared vision of fair and just distribution of power in Columbus, but more than anything we are connected by our love for this city. Since 2016 we have been pushing a progressive electoral agenda in Columbus. We believe all of us deserve to feel safe and spend time with the people we love. That’s why we’re coming together to build a Columbus in which we  all can have a livable wage, great schools, affordable housing, quality health and child care  and a transit system that connects all of our neighborhoods to our city’s resources.

Meet the Candidates

We’ve endorsed a slate of candidates for Columbus City Council and School Board. Want to know why they’re the ones capable of bringing real change to our city? Keep reading.

Jasmine Ayres

Columbus City Council Candidate

I have deep love for Columbus. Our schools, churches, recreation centers and incredible citizens have shaped me into the person I am today. The people of Columbus are diverse, resilient, caring, and genuine. We work hard, play hard, and always make sure that family is at the center of everything we do.”

Will Petrik

Columbus City Council Candidate

I’m running for City Council because I love Columbus and I believe we all deserve to be part of the conversation about what’s next for our city. We all have hopes and dreams for the future. We all want to feel safe, we all want to support ourselves and our families, and we all want to spend time with the people we love.”

Erin Upchurch

Columbus City Schools
Board of Education Candidate

I believe that education is life to our communities. Our children have the right to do more than survive; and it is our responsibility as a community to support and uphold their thriving. When we know that the quality of education is directly related to our ability to succeed, we are then mandated to ensure quality and equitable education for all. The time is now to invest in the whole child, the whole district, and the whole community.”

Amy Harkins

Columbus City Schools
Board of Education Candidate

I believe that we need to put people over politics and focus on providing the children in our city a solid start in life regardless of their ZIP code or socio-economic status. 

When we invest in our children, we are investing in future generations of thinkers, business owners, and leaders of our community.”

Abby Vaile

Columbus City Schools
Board of Education Candidate

I believe education should not viewed as a product, but considered as an active process of growth and development. I want schools that foster the uniqueness of all students, not only in academic success, but in social and emotional growth and creative, critical thinking.”


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