Join The Movement

Let’s face it. To achieve real change in Columbus, we need big vision and bold leadership. We need to build a grassroots community of passionate people in Columbus to support new, progressive candidates for school board and city council in Columbus. We need your help to win in 2017.

Over 100 incredible volunteers have already contributed their passion, ideas, time, and talents to build our movement from the ground up over the last year. With our focus on the elections in 2017, we need your help to strengthen our organization and expand our capacity.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from being volunteers, you have the ability to create change. We have an opportunity to transform our neighborhoods and concretely improve the quality of life for all residents in Columbus.

Are you a great fit for one of these roles? Let us know by filling out this short form!

  1. Programming, coding, website development
  2. Data Entry (enter sign-in sheets and other forms into the database)
  3. Press (manage media and public relations)
  4. Writing (provide copy for a variety of formats, ranging from marketing materials to long form communication)
  5. Graphic Design (create fresh and professional designs for public-facing materials)
  6. Photography (help us capture action and engagement)
  7. Videography (filming, editing, splicing)
  8. Call Team (talk with supporters and plug them into Yes We Can Columbus)
  9. Treasurer/Accounting (manage the budget and spreadsheets, etc.)
  10. NationBuilder Administrator (help administer the system and train others)
  11. Procurement Specialist (work with vendors, gather quotes, and place orders)
  12. Events Coordinator (organize and track the details of events and communicate across teams)
  13. Printing Service/Shop (you own or work at a local or a union shop)
  14. Social Media (post, moderate, share posts, etc.)
  15. Venue (you have access to free or low cost venues)
  16. Fundraising (you are willing to help build a base of grassroots funders – either by calling your friends or organizing an event – live music, happy hour, house party, etc…)
  17. Build Community (host a house party with your friends to get more people involved with Yes We Can)
  18. Issue Research / Expertise (help us learn more about a variety of different issues)

If you don’t have time, that’s ok. Consider a small contribution to support our efforts.