Will Petrik

Will Petrik

Columbus City Council Candidate

“I’m running for City Council because I love Columbus, and I believe we all deserve to be part of the conversation about what’s next for our city. We all have hopes and dreams for the future. We all want to feel safe, we all want to support ourselves and our families, and we all want to spend time with the people we love.

While some of us have opportunity, many Columbus residents do not feel safe in their neighborhood. Columbus is a tale of two cities. One Columbus thrives with access to good jobs and opportunities. The other Columbus has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country, and 1 out of 5 children don’t have enough food to eat.

If I’m elected, I will work to make sure everyone feels safe and we all have the opportunity to participate in the community, the economy and our democracy. I will fight to transform our broken political system and work to get big money out of politics, starting right here in Columbus.

My vision for Columbus is a city where we commit to 100% clean and renewable energy, because it helps create jobs and boosts local economies. I will fight for more transportation choices to better connect all of our neighborhoods to education and job opportunities.

I have experience building coalitions to advocate for solutions that make a difference in people’s lives. As State Director of Advocates for Ohio’s Future, I helped lead the statewide effort to pass Medicaid expansion in Ohio. As a result, over 500,000 Ohioans now have healthcare coverage.

I believe that all of us deserve a living wage, great schools, affordable housing, quality child care, and health care. I am excited to work with residents all across the city to help shape a brighter future for our neighborhoods and our city.”