Affordable Housing

Columbus is in the middle of an affordable housing crisis. But together, we can break the cycle. Let's commit to demanding more from the wealthy developers driving wedges between our communities.

Fairer Neighborhoods

Columbus is the second most economically segregated city in the country. We don’t want to live in a city where the wealthy are insulated from the working class and the poor.

Police Accountability

Everyone should feel safe in their own neighborhood. If we want to build trust between law enforcement and those they are supposed to protect, we must first change the culture of policing.

Stronger Public Schools

Our schools are underfunded. We need to prioritize our public schools, and make sure that students in every zip code have the same access to a quality public school education.

Smarter Tax Deals

We need to stop giving unnecessary tax breaks to the investor-class in our city. That money should be funding our public schools, not padding the bank accounts of developers.

Real Democracy

Under a ward system, neighborhoods would be able to elect a representative who lives where they do, and understands their needs.

Environmental Sustainability

While the federal government is setting our national environmental policy back by decades, it's more important than ever that cities like Columbus lead the way.

Transparency and Accountability

We deserve to know what our public officials are doing in office. How can we work together to build a stronger system of openness, honesty, and transparency in City Hall?